The capacity of theater room ,what is originally designed only for a "hometheater" is 250-cubic meter. The interception, absorption and modulation of the sound are elaborately considered there.It has isolated ground and 200V power line,signal line with wiring through hidden floor pit.
Screen is a voice penetration type of 200 inches. and front projector is fixed pixel type of ILA. Acoustical instruments are mainly for professional use and tuned by FFT software, "Smaart". Moreover, wood and goldsmith works of hobby, self-made PC are equipped.Devices are arranged not to come into sight excluding the screen.
シアタールームはSRC 250?で、躯体設計段階からシアター専用として遮音・吸音・調音を考慮しています。AV用専用電源や基礎工事で埋設した接地線、室内配線は専用ピットを設けています。映像機器は200インチの音声透過型スクリーンと固定画素のフロントプロジェクター。音響機器は主に業務用で、ソース機器の一部に民生用を使用しています。音響調整はSmaartで実施。また趣味の木工や金工細工、自作PCも取り入れています。スクリーン以外は視界に入らないよう機器を配置しています
This is a renewal site of "monolith-theater".
I have arrived at this environments that specializes to watch movies, through experience for 30 years of pure-audio and 20 years of hometheater. Recently, defective operation has happened frequently with my consumer audio devices, while overhauling over many years, I tried to replace the system with professional devices. The site was started up as a chronicle because there were various surprises and discoveries in this process as an amateur.
"Get impressed image and sound more than commercial theater!."Thanks for your visit. (monolith-theater.net)
Image and sound impression

Image quality

All image qualities are excellent by the impression of tens of blu-ray up to now. The image seen with DLA-HD100 looks more exact than the film. Because of the high resolution and contrast ratio, depth of scene is often real.

Sound quality

Screen Array system create an elegant, delicate, listenable and real voice. The preconception of the professional equipment that secure stable operation, sound volume and the head-room changed completely.

Comparison with consumer products

It might be difficult to surpass this quality by combination of high-end audio devices for consumers, judging from my experiences of household machines as pure -audio. However, the tuning and optimization of professional devices with multi- amp system is extremely difficult. For example, it takes over three days by FFT analyzer "Smaart", until constant flat characteristic data of the response in frequency is obtained including room acoustic equalizing.

Impression of Screen Array

The dialog seems as if to see the movement of the lip and the throat. It is real to make it think there is an actor in the back of the screen. Each musical instruments are able to be listened lucid separating one by one in the orchestra. Transient characteristic quality such as brass and woodwind instruments is excellent. Response of low frequency is very tight. I think that it is a synergy effect of amplifiers with high density power and damping factor, natural digital devices without coloration, unique mid-range double unit with horn and double woofer of 3632T. The horn in high frequency band is average. It is a preamp of DENON that has colored character most in this system. On the other hand, the reproduction as DAW system via firewire and AES3 digital signals by PC is accurate.

Surround sound

In some movies,I can feel the orchestra instruments how like exists and sings. I can hear the orchestra pit in the theater under of screen. Musical instruments queue up from near to far and right to left.When equipped 8 surround speakers, the surround is so natural that the sound-image moves from center to outside the screen and side to back smoothly. The density of the sound that develops with overhead is high.


I have not experienced such the sense absorbed in stories without feeling the sign of devices. Only the movie exists there.
category device manufacturer model usage setting and comments by hal@Monolith-Theater
Imaging device front projector Victor DLA-HD100 upside-down installation by self-made device default setting,
sound screen Stewart Studiotek 130 G3,AT2frame
wire hung 200inch(1.78:1)
remote control
5-meter adjacent attention possible.
Sound device speaker JBL Professional Screen Array 3632T(x3) L,C,R/behind screen 3way multi-drive system for professional use of screen cinema.Control hardware and software is dbx DriveRack4800 and HiQnet System Architect (see below) Tuning is not so easy but it has one of the best high-end sound quality Ive ever heard
4645C(x2) sub woofer/behind screen 46cm unit for cinema use
8340A(x6) surround side/side wall 2 way surround speaker of professional use for theater
JBL consumer 4312(x2) sorround back originally for consumer use, equipped for this cinema system
power amplifier AMCRON IT4000
Subwoofer drive(stereo)
professional device with built-in DSP and ethernet control
In US, CROWN professional Com-Tech(CTs) series. CTs series is professional equipments. It has high power-density. 8-ohm Dual:600W(CTs1200) ,1250W(Cts3000).and 8-ohm Bridge 3000W(Cts3000)..Damping factor is over 3000.Total harmonic distortion(TDH) at full-rated power, from20Hz-20kHz is under0.1%(CTs1200) and 0.35%(CTs3000).Units driving potential and sound quality is excellent .
4312(surround back)(stereo)
3632T(L,C,R)/ LF(bridge mono)
8340A(stereo para)
AD/DA converter Lynx Studio Technology AURORA16
with LT-FW expansion interface
simultaneous 16ch AD/DA front-end Processor designed for recording and mastering studio use.16ch analogue and 24bit AES3/EBU digital I/O,Clock setting up to 192kHz, mixing/routing with external PC control available by Lynx driver. LT-FW is designed to be used with IEEE-1394a FireWire signals. ASIO and multi-channel interleaved audio (7.1ch surround sound) available.
equalization and loudspeaker management system dbx professional products Drive Rack4800(x2) digital crossover and room equalizer 4 inputs and 8 outputs with both analog and AES/EBU XLR connectivity. Signal routing, parametric EQ and bandpass filters, crossover (Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley) available @96kHz. Control software is HiQnet System Architect by Harman international.This software can simultaneously control AMCRON power via ethernet.(see below)
HiQnet System Architect Harman international ver1.7x control software with Windows PC. under control devices are AMCRON power amplifier, dbx DriveRack4800. Recommended venue files are in use for JBL Screen Array Cinema speakers., able to set and tune their crossover and bandpath filters of Drive Rack4800.(see above)
master clock MUTEC iClock digital sync for Lynx,dbx and PC accuracy<0.1ppm,jitter<1ppm,Synchronization and generation of 36 different Word Clocks rates at the same time.DSD,DXD,SACD mastering,10MHz Rubidium clock input available.
AVpre-amplifier DENON AVP-A1HD decoder HDMI inputs and 12XLR balanced outputs(L,C,R, SideA,SideB(RandL) ,Surround back(RandL),SW1,SW2,SW3
FFT-based sound system measurement,optimization
EAW Smaart optimization of crossover in 3way screen channel (JBL3632T),parametric EQ for side speakers and total tuning room acoustics professional tools for optimizing the interaction between sound system and the space.Its very difficult to tune Screen Array System by hearing only.Two-channel RTA,Single channel spectrograph.Frequency response magnitude and coherence measurement available.
source device blu-ray disc player PIONEER BDP-LX80 source for HDMI system software update available via internet
under construction and coming soon in Japanese

Since 2005.01.01, renewal: 2008.06.01, webmaster: hal@monolith-theater.net LAST UPDATE 2008/12/18 ASUS XONAR HDAV1.3 導入レポート

System Diagram

  • Special theater room of original design: 250 cubic meters in volume, floor space 50 square meters, 5 meters in height, 30 seats maximum accommodation number in the first floor and 4 in the second.
  • 200-inch(4.7x2.7m,1.78:1),Studiotek 130G3, Microperf X2 THX-Ultra sound screen by Stewart.
  • High-definition(1080p) front projector by Victor DLA-HD100.
  • JBL Professional cinema speakers; three way "ScreenArray" 3632-T (Tri-amplified operation), 4645C, 8340A.
  • Multi amplifier composition with AMCRON (CROWN in U.S.)
  • dbx4800, equalization & loudspeaker management system with bandpass filters, crossover and parametric EQ by "HiQnet" (Harman International) networking and control.
  • Sound tuning with "Smaart" by EAW : audio system measurement, acoustic analysis FFT realtime tool, provides to assess the performance of an entire sound system, a specific part of a system, or a single system component.
  • Cooperation of Lynx AURORA16 as AD/DA front-end processor with dbx4800 and analog signal devices.
  • Control with clock master "MUTEC iClock" for digital devices.
  • Blu-ray reproduction player "PIONEER BDP-LX80"and AV preamp"DENON AVP-A1HD" for consumers.
  • Software decode full high-definition image and multi- channel surround sound by self-made PC.
  • Clean power supply step-down transformer from exclusive use 200 volt.
  • Self made devices: auditorium sofa, power and analog line, 19-inch rack, amplifier rack, acoustic panel and PC etc.
  • Machines were bought by the mail order, and set up for myself.
  • 独自設計専用シアタールーム(床面積50㎡、天上高5m、最大収容人数1階席30、2階席4)
  • スチュアート、ハイビジョン対応200インチサウンドスクリーン
  • D-ILA方式によるフルハイビジョンフロントプロジェクション
  • JBL Professional cinema speakers; Screen Array 3632T, 4645C, 8340A
  • AMCRONによるマルチアンプ構成
  • dbx音響出力系マルチプロセッサ
  • HiQnet System Architectによる音声帯域分割とイコライジング Smaartによる音響測定とマルチドライブスピーカー調整およびルームイコライジング
  • 16チャンネルAD/DAコンバーターと音響出力系マルチプロセッサ、アナログソース機器との連携
  • マスタークロックによるデジタル機器制御
  • 民生用ブルーレイ再生プレーヤーとフルハイビジョン動画・HD音声対応AVプリアンプ
  • 自作PCによるフルハイビジョン動画とソフトウエアデコードによるマルチチャンネル音声の再生
  • 専用200ボルト電源からのステップダウントランスとクリーン電源による音声画像分離電源供給
  • 自作:電源・アナログライン、19インチラック、アンプラック、視聴用ソファ、音響パネル、PCetc
  • 機材の大半は通販購入、自力でセットアップ

System settings and comments

Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre

Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Plaza.The Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre is equipped to project 16, 35 and 70mm film as well as video, delivering high-end audio through an advanced JBL sound system.